In my opinion the analyst should be a model of understanding and flexibility in modes of treatment for other mental health disciplines. However, most analytical interventions are only weakly applicable to psychotic states. It is possible that there are basic assumptions in the way you, the analyst, practice which are limited to normal psychology and which do not apply to extreme states.If you find that your work does not apply to the psychotic states, you normally conclude that the people are unconscious and must wait for enlightenment. Secretly you believe that humankind will never change. You are hopeless. Alternately, you may believe that psychosis is due to social ills, God, the collective unconscious, an undiscovered toxin, early childhood experiences or fatefully weak egos.These beliefs indirectly help to sustain the steady number of psychotic episodes because you, who are best trained to work with these people, defer such work to others. Moreover, your hopelessness acts hypnotically on patients in extreme states by intensifying their own anger and sense of hopelessness. Please let us be aware of our beliefs about psychotic states.*140\227\8*

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