Brow-lifting also has an anti-gravity effect. The forehead skin and underlying membrane are lifted and re-attached behind the hairline, so that the scar is hidden. Brow-lifting is a good procedure for horizontal frown lines as well as drooping eyebrows, and is often combined with face-lifting and eye-lifting.Traditionally, a cut is made either at or behind the hairline across the entire length of the forehead. The muscle and fat are then pulled upwards and excess skin is removed. At the same time the muscles are cut to try to decrease frowning after the operation.Post-operatively, there is generally considerable swelling and bruising which takes several weeks to disappear. Numbness of the forehead and tenderness along the incision line are usual for several months but will eventually disappear.New advances in laser surgery have meant that brow-lifting can now be performed with certain lasers, for example the KTP laser, with minimal swelling and bruising. Smaller incisions can be made, producing a less visible and uncomfortable scar.

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