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The following remedies should be given:
Aconitum 4x: 5 drops every half an hour. When perspiration has been induced and the temperature falls, it may be given less frequently.
Ferr. phos. 6x (for babies use 12x): 1 tablet every hour.
Belladonna 4x: 5 drops every hour. Use when the blood rushes to the head, or with croup, conjunctivitis and ear complications.
Antimonium sulph. 4x or 6x: initially 1 tablet every 2 hours; after about three days, 2 tablets three times daily. This should be given by itself, without additional medication, when the fever has subsided. It will be sufficient to complete the cure if no complications occur.
Nephrosolid: add to the fruit juice, 5 drops each time. This fresh plant preparation will help to eliminate toxins through the kidneys.
Cuprum acet. 4x and Antimonium sulph. 4x. These should be given alternately when a hacking or whooping cough seems to be coming on.
Coccus cacti 4x and especially Thydroca are most effective for whooping cough, if given at once when the first symptoms appear after the measles. Whooping cough can often be arrested with these remedies, without any side effects.
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