Children with a weak constitution who have inherited a dispo­sition for tuberculosis and suffer from swollen glands should be treated with the following prophylactic medicines:
Calc phos. 4x alternated with 6x: 2 tablets, three times daily.
Urticalcin. This is even more effective and, if given for several months, can work wonders.
Ars. iod. 4x. This is indicated for thin children who grow fast. It should be taken over a period of several months in alternation with Urticalcin.
Kali phos. 6x. This should be given when the lungs and bron-chials are affected.
Sulph. 4x. This is indicated when, in spite of packs, the rash is slow in breaking out and very mild.
When the disease has subsided the child should not be allowed outside in the cold air right away. Especially in winter, the child should be kept in bed for another week or in a warm but well-ventilated room. Such care is particularly essential for delicate children who could otherwise suffer from complications.
*81/8/1* – Online Pharmacy Information

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