If you think you have testicular torsion, you should see your doctor or urologist immediately. He will first try to manually untwist the spermatic cord. It’s likely, however, that even when he succeeds, he will also want to perform minor surgery by placing a few judiciously placed stitches that will prevent the cord from twisting again, which is a likely possibility. The surgical procedure to repair the torsion and prevent future episodes will require several days in the hospital and about a week of recuperation.

If the pain is caused by an infection in your testicle caused by bacteria in your urinary tract, the doctor will need to find out what particular bacterium is causing the infection. He will do a prostate exam through the rectum or massage the penis to extract a sample of discharge (if it exists) to send to the lab for a culture. An antibiotic will then be prescribed depending on the organism isolated. If the infection is caused by a sexually transmitted disease, your doctor will prescribe the antibiotic Floxin 300, which you will take twice a day for 10 days; your sexual partner or partners will also need to be treated.


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