Most of us grow up thinking that sex means the big one, you know, a penis inside a vagina, going in and out. Everything else is foreplay, or stuff you do before ‘having sex’. This kind of sex is ‘heterosexual genital penetrative inter-course’. These are just some of the other commonly known and practised sexual variations.

Manual sex, or masturbation. Stimulation of the genitals using the hands. This may be done to another person, male or female, or to yourself. Most of us find our genitals as babies, and it feels nice. (Fortunately our arms are just long enough.) As we grow up we are discouraged from touching our genitals, because it is ‘not nice’. Despite that, just a hour everyone masturbates, as children and adults, even the people who told us we would go blind if we did it. It is a useful way of finding out what feels good, and is an outlet for sexual feelings. Manual stimulation between

partners is an extremely common form of sexual activity.

Oral sex. Stimulation of a person’s genitals using the mouth. As this is a bit tricky to do to yourself (unless you are a dog, when you can do it whenever you like), it is usually one person doing it to another. It can be either a male or female, doing it to either a male or female. If two people are doing it simultaneously to one another that is often called a ’69′. Orally stimulating a female is known (in the laboratory, if not on the street) as cunnilingus, and the same to a male is called fellatio. There are lots of slang names, some of which are in the glossary. It is very commonly practised.


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