The ‘pill’ was developed in the 1950′s as a new approach to the prevention of conception. The rhythm method avoids conception. The pessaries and condom prevent the sperm and egg from meeting. But the ‘pill’ is a means of preventing ovulation, thus making conception impossible. This method of birth control became possible when scientists developed certain chemicals that behave like the hormone that controls the release of the egg from the ovary.

Here is how the ‘pill’ is taken: On the fifth day of the menstrual cycle, the woman takes the first one. She continues for 20 consecutive days. One to three days after she has taken the last tablet, menstruation begins, and the count begins again. It is of the greatest importance to start taking the pills on schedule and not to miss even one day.

If you are considering using this method of preventing pregnancy, you must ,do so under the close supervision of your doctor. The ‘pill’ may have long-term adverse effects, and is not recommended for women who have had blood clots, cancer, or liver disorders.


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