While there is nothing unusual in the proportion of exhibitionists who experienced nocturnal emissions, they began rather late in life: the median individual had his first emission at age 16.9 years.

The unmarried exhibitionists show a relative increase in the number who had nocturnal emissions during the successive age-periods. Beginning with a somewhat small number (29 per cent) in age-period puberty—15, they climb to intermediate rank until age-period 36—40 when they actually exceed the control group and rank second with 63 per cent. The married, however, show no such trend; their age-specific incidence figures are ordinarily moderate except between twenty-one and twenty-five when they rank second with 58 per cent, just below the control group.

The frequencies of the unmarried exhibitionists tend to be rather high. This tendency is not clear in median frequencies until the fourth decade of life when they essentially match those of the control group, but in mean frequency calculations it becomes much sharper: the exhibitionists rank second or third between sixteen and thirty with frequencies of 17 to 29 a year.

The unmarried exhibitionists derived a relatively large proportion of their total outlet from nocturnal emissions, usually ranking third or fourth in this respect. Beginning in their early teens with 2.5 per cent they reach their maximum figure (14 per cent) in age-period 26-30.

The married exhibitionists have a somewhat different pattern: between the ages of sixteen and twenty, they found a very small proportion (1 per cent) of the total outlet constituted by such emissions, but later they achieved first or second rank with percentages as high as 7. Similarly the separated, divorced, or widowed increased from 2.6 per cent (in age-period 21-25) to 7.1 per cent (age-period 41-45). Only one other group shows this as yet inexplicable tendency for the proportion of total outlet derived from nocturnal emissions to increase with age regardless of marital status.

The exhibitionist is also apt to have exotic dreams: he ranks second in sadomasochistic dreams (although only two men were involved), third in dreams of animal contact, and first (11 per cent) in bizarre dreams. The high rank in bizarre dreams comes largely from dreams of exposing genitalia—the same theme that made the exhibitionist also rank first in bizarre masturbatory fantasy.


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